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✅Get Access to our premium course on Grid bot trading strategy and access to CoinSutra VIP group. Introductory offer of $450/year. Monthly crypto research report included! 🔥

Learn Grid Bot Trading

Our to the point actionable video course would teach you to start profitable grid bots that make money while you sleep.

Crypto Research report

We are a team of crypto researcher, and we will share monthly reports on tokens/coins that we are investing in.

VIP Crypto Community

Never feel alone with our like-minded crypto community. Get access to our staff members and talk about trading, DeFi, Staking and more.

Top Reasons To Join CoinSutra VIP

You will not only learn the art of grid crypto trading which would help you generate 1% return a day on your capital + you get access to discord group. A value packed offering from CoinSutra

Harsh Agrawal

We don’t add fluff in any of our content or conversations. We like to get straight to the point and give you quick actionable information.

At CoinSutra VIP, we have a community of forward looking individuals who are and have been seriously investing in the crypto industry.

Our video courses are quick and to the point tutorials to help you get started with bot trading and making passive income with crypto.

Grid Bot Trading Course - By CoinSutra VIP

Step by step premium video course for traders and non-traders to make passive income even when they are sleeping. 

Customers reviews

CoinSutra VIP provides access to a community of like-minded individuals which makes me feel I'm in the right space. I find many new ideas worth exploring and many that have already shaped my investing strategy.
United States
I must say I'm enjoying CoinSutra VIP . It really reduces the learning curve.
Mr. Dean
CoinSutra VIP is much more than a crypto course. The discord community is very insightful and enables you to be 10 steps ahead of the market. With the wisdom you'll gain, the membership fee would pay for itself within a short amount of time.
Chatty Sharma


Most frequent questions and answers

CoinSutra VIP Membership is $450/year and you can pay in your favourite cryptocurrencies.  For any other query, write us at [email protected]

You can do bank transfer, PayPal and even pay in crypto. 

You may contact us if you have any payment issues or if your preferred payment method is not available. We’ll try to get it sorted. 🙂

You get access to:

  • Online course on CoinSutra VIP
  • 15 minutes call with Harsh Agrawal (Exclusive for first 100 users)
  • Access to CoinSutra VIP Discord group to hang out with like minded people)
  • Monthly crypto research reports

You can start a bot for as low as $700-800. The funds stays in your Binance account, and the bot will have access to trading only via API. In short, your funds always stays with you.

Since we are building a community of like-minded people, we prefer people who have invested more than $10k in crypto-assets and have been around for more than 6 months should join our VIP program. 

Discord group is a private VIP group of like minded crypto users, where we discus stuff like DeFi, staking, Bot trading and other aspects of crypto trading. Since people have skin in the game, you get to discus your portfolio and other crypto stuff with like-minded users from the globe. You can join as an anonymous or under your name (Choice is yours)

Kindly write an email to [email protected] for any other queries.